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Character and letter counter is definitely an online tool used by scholars, writers, and editors to count the characters, with or without spaces, the letters, words, and numbers in an item of text.

To make use of this tool, you need to type your text in the text box area on the platform, and the tool will count how many characters, numbers, letters, and paragraphs in your bit of text.


A character counter is a tool or a platform that serves the purpose of counting the characters (with and without spaces) in an article or articles. Character counters are not limited by characters alone as they also count the amount of letters, numbers, words, and, ultimately, paragraphs available in any given little bit of text.

Having a means of tracking just how many words you have written, how many characters, and paragraphs can be found in your text will make certain you keep to article limits. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have character limits that'll frustrate your time and effort if you do not have a way to track them while typing. These tools also help you keep your ideas short and precise when sharing opinions on social media.

Still another great feature of a character counter is as you are able to tell you which words or sentences in your article are unique and those that may be plagiarised. This is specially handy for writing professional articles and blog posts which is screened for plagiarism. With this specific and other features, character counters have become handy tools for individuals around the world.

How to use a character counter?

Employing a character counter is easy. If you have an article to publish, and you have to know the character or word count, visit any character counter platform, paste the text in the counter text box, and hit “enter. ” The tool will automatically scan your text and break down the outcome from words to characters.

Alternately, you can type the text you intend to count straight into the tool’s text box and have it give you results in real-time. This feature will come in handy for if you want to type but don't have access to more popular computer software for entering text, like Microsoft Word and Excel. It also helps when you want to meet with the type requirements of social platforms, and so we've compiled the type lengths for a few popular social media marketing.

What are the character limits by platform?

Character Limit Facebook

Few people might know it, but Facebook has a limit to the characters a post can accommodate. That is aimed to help keep the platform effective for use as a business tool and promote more social interaction. There are different character limits for various areas of Facebook. They truly are:

Facebook post 63206 characters
Facebook username 50 characters
Facebook page description 155 characters
Facebook image ad text 90 characters
Facebook collection ad headline 25 characters
Facebook comments 8000 characters
Facebook canvas ad body text 500 characters

Character Limit Twitter

This is actually the platform most associated with character restrictions. From its inception in 2006, there has been a change in the character limit. Initially, a tweet was capped at 140 characters (including spaces), but it was subsequently risen to 280 characters.

The smoothness limits for other facets of the platform are:

Public tweet 280 characters
Direct Message 10000 characters
Profile name 20 characters
Twitter handle 15 characters

Character Limit Instagram

The smoothness limit on Instagram is most evident in the bio section. Severally, users have to trim the messages they want to send across on in their bio section due to the limited character capacity. You will find other sections with character limits, and so they include:

Instagram bio 150 characters
Instagram hashtags 30 characters
Instagram caption 2200 characters
Instagram username 30 characters

Character Limit LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that is tailored for professional interactions, and expectedly, has its character limits. That is to ensure companies do not spam the platforms. The character limits are:

LinkedIn publishing content 120000 characters
LinkedIn company name 100 characters
LinkedIn company update 700 characters
LinkedIn Summary 2000 characters
LinkedIn testimonial 400 characters
LinkedIn first name 20 characters
LinkedIn last name 40 characters
LinkedIn recommendation 3000 characters

Character Limit Pinterest

Even though this platform is visual-heavy, there are still character limits. Included in these are:

Pinterest bio 160 characters
Pinterest board name 100 characters
Pinterest board description 500 characters
Pinterest username 15 characters

Character Limit YouTube

While YouTube is well known for its video content, the parts of the platform that want you to input text have character limits. They're:

YouTube video description 5000 characters
YouTube video title 70 characters
Video playlist title 60 characters


For a blogger, student, social networking marketer, or business reviewer, knowing the number of characters or words in your written piece is crucial for staying within range. It is also essential that you ensure that you originally represent your opinions. Using character counter tools help you kill both birds with one stone.

The program makes your projects easier by helping you look for instances where similar terms have been used. If you decide, it may suggest alternative phrases to help keep your projects unique. It can this through the use of synonyms, antonyms, and other substitutes to paraphrase blocks of text that require to be tweaked.


You understand about character counter programs built into computer software like Google Docs, and you'll be wondering how they differ from on line character counters. An online character counter does the same thing as a text character counter in Google Docs but goes one step further. It works with every file format, letting you copy and paste any text type for scanning.

The outcomes are instantaneous and the very best part is that it’s free. Therefore , while the character count in word does a good job, using online tools for checking your word character count is more efficient.


As a digital marketer or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION specialist, you understand that the eye span of online consumers is very low. This means that you need to always try to pass across your message with as few words as it is possible to. The good news is that on line character counters can help you with that!

These tools will ensure you stick to the industry standards in the articles you publish. Just copy and paste the information you have into the text box on the platform and check always. Irrespective of the language your article is in, the tool will check your text and display results.


The amount of letters or characters that define any given text or article is recognized as the character or letter count. Character counts are very significant aspects of digital writing today. They guide many writers as they create content for public consumption.

The letter count in article writing is an essential parameter. Lots of websites, social support systems, and blogsites have preferred word limits for their content. This is usually gotten from consumer research where the readers show a tendency to see articles falling within a specific word range more than the others.

Social media marketing platforms likewise have character count limits. These limits keep content readable and prevent clutter. Character/ letter counts are crucial metrics used to ensure the smooth consumption of content online.


As a social networking influencer or digital marketer, SEO is the best friend. Keepin constantly your online page ranking at the top of search engines will ensure your business remains visible. This optimization can greatly depend on word counts as different platforms have their preferred content sizes.


Monitoring your article’s character count will help you stay within the recommended period of articles in the niche you operate in. Generally speaking, for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, the ideal content size is about 2000 words. Sticking through this range will allow you to rank higher in search engine results.


As a student, writer, scholar, or editor, you're going to have to learn how to count characters in word. It is because articles will often have a specified limit to the number of words or characters allowed, and you'll not have a way of monitoring these parameters. This is where a character or letter counter will come in handy.

A character counter is an on the web program that can be used to keep an eye on the character count of your text content. There are numerous available tools online. You need to use any of them during writing to ensure more precise articles.