Revision policy

In a few cases, customer might want to alter to alter certain things with a delivered paper. At EssayUSA. com we understand this very well. Hence currently the best possible academic assistance in revising a paper and also this is done free of charge based on the simple conditions below:

SUBMISSION: A request for revision must be initiated via the utilization of the “request revision button” on your personal order page.

DEADLINE: You are able to request for a revision at any stage before you approve an order provided for you, however please note that only a 10 day period is allowed for a revision request after the order has been approved by you. If Your order exceeds 20 pages, You are able to request a totally free revision within 14 days after approval. A stipulated but minimal fee might be charged if and only if the first paper needs a substantial revision. This fee will be based on the length and complexity on the desired revision. Our operators will be aboard to aid calculate a fee estimate.


A request for revision made following the 10 day period of order approval will need that a new order be placed via the use of the edit/rewriting service module. In keeping to the excellent customer care approach, EssayUSA. com has the capacity to extend the deadline for revisions if the initial deadline allows this kind of extension.


In the event the revision request includes instructions which are different from the original instructions, like the change of written guidelines that were initially provided or the provision of subjectivity-based revision guidelines, including, however, not limited to, a change in the vision or perspective applied in the paper, a different span of research, a discontent with the content with out a specific, solid rationale for the same, and when the implementation of such amendments to the paper would constitute from approximately 60% to no more than 100% of wordcount or effort needed to complete the assignment from scratch, we offer you the paid-for “Revision Major” service.

The “Revision Major” service exists at a hard and fast price of 60% of one's selected wordcount and your selected revision deadline in case the paper under revision is employed and a brand new paper to be written from scratch is ordered.

This service serves a simple purpose: it aims to seamlessly enable you to get your brand-new requirements to be implemented without investing in a whole new paper and allows to pay the writer for the job done while they completed the first paper underneath the initial directions and are requested to include new ones.